The OCEE Accelerator improves system performance by caching database query results in main memory.

Scope of the Accelerator

The Accelerator is a feature that allows configuring a fully cached environment. That means that objects that are read from the database are cached as long as possible, to minimize the expensive database accesses.

Please note that the open source OpenCms core release already incorporates several types of caching methods, including the so called Flex Cache feature, but the Accelerator feature takes the cached functionalities to the extreme.

OCEE Accelerator & Flex Cache

Most of the people ask why they need OCEE Accelerator if Flex Cache is working fine for them. The answer is simple: Flex Cache only caches generated HTML elements, while OCEE Accelerator caches internal close-to-database objects improving the performance of almost any task in OpenCms.

OCEE Accelerator is also provided with a complex logic for flushing the caches reducing the database accesses as much as possible. So, you can expect a significant performance improvement in the delivery of your website as well as while working in the workplace.